Last year we were looking for a Care-Free roof for our mobile home. We found the answer with the installation of ALUMA FOAM – insulation roof overlay.
We found many advantages and are truly satisfied … fire retardant, 20 year labor and material warranty, light weight – yet strong, ease with snow removal, summer cooling, energy tax credit and substantial fuel bill reduction.In one day with excellent workmanship and quality materials the job was completed.  It’s proved its worth.

Norman C. L. and Barbara G. L.     Bend, OR

Dear Friends at #1 NORTHWEST

I’m sending this note to tell you that we are very pleased with your company and with the service and workmanship you gave us.Our new Insulated Roof looks great and we could feel the difference right away in the temperature inside the house.  We are so pleased we had the work done.
With the new roof, shutters for the windows, gutters and unitizing on the edges and new siding our house looks like a new home.

Brint Y.

Dear Northwest, Inc.

I cannot sing your praises enough. Your employees did a wonderful job on our well house and other buildings and cleanup.  I would be most happy to recommend your work to anyone.In the future when someone is out this way, if they would talk to me about making a fenced yard for my future dog, I would appreciate your interest.

Thank you so much for all your work and kindness.

Sincerely, Maxine M. H. and Perry A W.    Deadwood, OR